📄 📑 Big Textarea 2020/10/14
A big resizable textarea to edit text in browser.

📄 📑 GC is just like async, but sometimes worse 2020/08/19
The non-GCed code share similar contagious trait as async code. Best not rely on GC right now and always support the manual close API. Hope future compiler will take work off instead.

📄 📑 Runlet: Thought on Stream 2020/08/13
Runlet is a pattern provide most Stream feature with reduced code complexity and minimal clear API.

📄 📑 Emoji Copy List 2020/08/12
List of Emojis displayed in big size to pick and copy from.

📄 📑 Error, Snag handling & Bug reporting and more 2020/08/10
Error is basic data, throw & catch is a way to send event; An Error thrown can be a Snag or Bug, expected or unexpected; Expert code do Snag handling while Glue code don't; code packed as Module/Library/Service/Script required different focus;

📄 📑 Exot, Error handling, and Bugs 2020/07/30 (Edit#2)
A way to look at Error & Bug, and a Exot pattern for code wrapping external IO.

📄 📑 Why ArchLinux not fit in Docker well 2020/06/03
ArchLinux not fit well in a Docker image with the max utility package strategy and the rolling release.

📄 📑 Japan tour 23-30 Jan 2020 2020/01/22 (Edit#2)

📄 📑 Japan tour 10-16 Nov 2019 2019/11/09 (Edit#2)

📄 📑 4 Doubt about Car, Language, and Math 2019/09/02

📄 📑 Shopping in a Redux Store 2019/08/20

📄 📑 Unpacking Webpack 2019/08/14 (Edit#2)
Some tip for hacking Webpack.

📄 📑 git Git GIT 2019/08/01 (Edit#2)
Some tip for hacking Git.

📄 📑 (WIP) Idea for a graph based code editor 2019/07/20 (Edit#2)
Use graph data structure to store code, and create an editor to direct edit the data, output text code, and provide some handy IDE support.

📄 📑 How to update (force reload) npm package `maintainers` data 2018/12/04

📄 📑 Jonathan Blow - Gcores Talk 2018/05/06
Hand edited transcription from feeding the VLC-extracted talk audio track though Google Speech-to-Text API, source video: https://www.gcores.com/articles/98265